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Scaladoc 2

Child Pages

Scaladoc 2 improves overs previous versions of Scaladoc with:

  • A sleeker, more modern interface;
  • Improved comment syntax that help writing documentation for complex libraries:
  • support for wiki-like syntax in the source comments,
  • improved comment inheritance,
  • compile-time checking of documentation errors,
  • advanced commenting constructs, such as use cases and macro definitions;
  • A new API for writing programs that explore Scala libraries or systems at the API level (this includes Scaladoc-like documentation generation, API querying, software engineering metrics, etc.).

Scaladoc 2 is maintained by Gilles Dubochet. It is based on the original Scaladoc (Sean McDirmid, Geoffrey Washburn, Vincent Cremet and Stéphane Michleoud), on vScaladoc (David Bernard), as well as on an unreleased version of Scaladoc 2 (Manohar Jonnalagedda).

Nightly Scaladoc 2 documentation builds are available for testing.

The following pages are of interest to those who want to hack Scaladoc.

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